Complete Lockdown

Permissible Economic activities amidst extended ‘Complete lockdown’

Reading Time: 2 minutes In order to localize the smooth cycle of nation’s economy, the authority has come out with a list of economic activities that will be permitted after April 20, 2020, in certain areas keeping in view the interests of farmers and daily earners. Let’s dig into list of services permissible during phase II of ‘Complete Lockdown’.


Will ‘Compete Lockdown’ of 1.3 billion people for three weeks help India to fight against coronavirus?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Can’t people just understand their social responsibilities and remain at home all by themselves without implementing Section 144? The answer is quite simple, such a mass scale rational thinking with a country over 1.3 billion population is too much to ask for. Imagine a country like Italy couldn’t manage the same, they have a high literacy rate, social awareness is far higher than developing countries, yet, they couldn’t beat the mayhem.