Internet offering alternative career options

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With the exponential growth of internet users every year, online media is offering ample unorthodox career options to many professionals. In the midst of Covid-19, there has been a boost in remote job offers.

Here is the list of job profiles you can looking forward to build you career;

1. Virtual Assistance: Companies nowadays are switch to WFH (Work From Home) culture, hence there has been a decline in physical office location which has in return offered a wide array of remote opportunities for virtual assistants to handle a range of tasks. This includes administrative work, answering phone calls, screening emails, setting up appointments etc. The best part is, every company need such assistance hence, the job opening is never an issue. However, one can also start as a freelance with a single client.

2. Content Creator: A few years ago, content writing wasn’t mainstream. But today, the content team is considered a vital organ of an organization. They are responsible for building the face of the company. A content creator can start as a freelance, later they can work for a establish organization after gaining experience.

3. Business Coach: This profile is mostly for those who are expert in their field through years of rigorous experience. The idea is to offer a consultation service to an individual client or organisation. Keeping in mind the competition market, the need for a business coach is at a high demand. Additionally, the internet allows you to teach anyone, regardless of geographical location.

4. E-store Business: Selling goods online isn’t that difficult as it may sound. Amazon, Flipkart, E-bay etc. e-commerce businesses provide a platform to sell the product on a commission basis. One can also choose to be an e-store manager. The idea is simple: buy low, sell high. The e-store manager procures product at cheaper rate and sells it at high margins. For example; A simple printing t-shirt business has a lot of potentials. The interaction to mass distant audience boost buying rate, which is one of the biggest advantages of having an e-store business.

5. Digital and Affiliation Marketer: Virtual face of the company requires a lot of brainstorming and strategical planning. Digital Marketer plays a vital role in bringing an organisation on a virtual platform. Digital Marketer is a vast domain; social media marketing, content marketing, Inbound marketing etc are some of the subdomains of this profile. Digital Marketing professionals are paid based on their experience and knowledge, a freelance digital marketer earns hefty income with few years of experience. Also, Affiliation marketing can generate a significant amount of revenue. Earning through affiliation marketing is entirely depended on commission factor. Higher the commission, better the earning. Affiliation partners like offer the Associate Program for online affiliation business.

6. Social Media Influencer: Having abundant followers on social media can let you earn a hefty income. Influencers having high engagement earns significant money by promoting product and services online. However, earning the status of social media influencer is not an overnight job.

7. Blogging and V-logging: The popular website and YouTube channel earn millions of dollars a year through advertising. Even if you attain a certain level of followers, it’s enough to start generating revenue without investing too much. Interestingly, a lot of content creator making a comfortable living through blogging and V-logging. Creativity is all you need to gain traction and attract followers.

8. Web Development: Coding is a hot skill that could leverage into a career as a freelance web developer. This offers a flexible option to the individual to take the project which they like, set price and enjoy doing what they actually like while earning a comfortable living. Web Developers earn handsome earning through freelance projects. The idea is to stay up to date with the latest tools and software. Initially, an individual might struggle to gain project but with experience, things can grow exponentially.

In-short, opportunities are available for those who are more willingly to explore world beyond traditional workspace. Things will be a lot different than what we see today, the work culture will become far more flexible and feasible.


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