How merchant navy is one of the most lucrative careers?

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Merchant navy offers a unique career option blended with several expertise into one profession. Apart from an adventurous journey, the compensations and perks offered to the individuals is on par with any coveted job. Here is the list to enlighten the advantage of opting a career in merchant navy;

Exempted for paying taxes: Paying tax is the duty of every citizen for growth and development of the nation. However, people involved in the merchant navy are exempted from paying taxes, the condition they meet the requirement for the same. A marine has to spend six-month on-duty aboard a vessel, following which the individual is granted tax relaxation for that financial year.

Opportunity to travel around the world: Merchant marine get opportunities to travel most exotic location around the world. The extend time period before re-boarding from another country gives ample time to the marine to roam around the city.

Neo-cultural interaction: Life at merchant navy offer the opportunity to explore the diverse culture and society norms around the world. This helps the individual to understand and work better as a team player. Another advantage is that a merchant navy officer is malleable and they can be easily moulded into any people involving a lot of foreign professionals. Hence, post-retirement merchant navy individuals are high in demand at director position in multinational companies supply chain profile.

Regulate life style: Working in a high pressure situation in the middle of the sea, limited to vessel support demand high level of discipline. The work life of a merchant navy individual is highly planned. The fix working and leisure hours inculcate the value of discipline among individuals. The similar life-style one can expect in army as well. Often, merchant navy is called as ‘sea army’.

Flexible Vacation: The nature of the merchant navy job requires long working hours, the vacation offered to professionals is equally compensating. Enable individual to get the best of both worlds. Seafarer can extent vacation up to 2-3 months with absolutely no stress. Individual who are enthusiastic and has a zest for life are more suitable for this job profile. As they say, the merchant navy is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Lucrative salary: The salary offered to seafarers are highly lucrative. The compensation is done keeping in mind the high-pressure situation an individual has to go through during his sea time. Often people are attracted to merchant navy job just looking at the financial aspects, however, many sail off mid way considering the amount of hard-work and dedication one has to endure during work time. So, we can say that career in merchant navy should be based on interested.

No wonder, merchant navy offers adventurous career option to few daredevils.


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