Permissible Economic activities amidst extended ‘Complete lockdown’

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Lately, the government has announced the second phase of ‘Complete Lockdown’, which will remain effective until the 3rd of May. All the activities including personal travelling through the air, train or road, operation of educational and training institutions; industrial and commercial activities; hospitality services; all cinema halls, shopping complexes, theatres, etc.; all social, political and other events; and opening of all religious places/ places of worship for members of the public, including religious congregations will remain restricted and will be allowed after scrutinizing with COVID-19 guidelines.

In order to localize the smooth cycle of nation’s economy, the authority has come out with a list of economic activities that will be permitted after April 20, 2020, in certain areas keeping in view the interests of farmers and daily earners. Here is the list of services delineated by the home ministry which will remain under essential services:

Movement of cargo: Good transport will be allowed to ply (Parcel and goods train will remain effective). Operation of Airports and related facilities for air transport for cargo movement, relief, evacuation and seaports and inland container depots (ICDs) for cargo transport. Operation of land ports for cross land border transportation of essential goods, including petroleum products and LPG, food products, medical supplies. Shops for truck repairs and dhabas on highways will be allowed. Movement of staff and contractual labour for operations of railways, airports/air carriers, seaports/ships/vessels, land ports and ICDs is allowed on passes being issued by the local authority.

Farming operations: Farming operations by farmers and farmworkers on the field will be permitted. Agencies involved in the procurement of agricultural products including MSP products will remain responsive. Mandis, agricultural machinery shops, retails of fertilizers, pesticides and seeds will remain open.

Fisheries, Plantation and Animal Husbandry: Operations of the fishing (marine and inland)/ aquaculture industry, including feeding and maintenance, harvesting, processing, packaging, cold chain, sale and marketing is allowed under essential services list. Operations involving tea, coffee and rubber plantation will be permitted. The yardstick of half of the manpower involvement will be strictly monitored. Collection, processing, distribution and sale of milk and milk products by milk processing plants, including transport and supply chain will remain open. Poultry farming, operation of Gaushalas or any livestock activities will be permissible.

Commercial and private establishments: Print and broadcast media will remain functional as before. IT and IT-enabled services will remain operational with 50% strength. Government based data and call centre services will be serviceable. E-commerce companies operators will be allowed to ply with special passes. Cold storage and warehousing services, including at ports, airports, railway stations, container depots, individual units and other links in the logistics chain. Private security services and facilities management services for maintenance and upkeep of office and residential complexes will be permitted and will remain operational until further notice. Hotels, homestays, lodges, and motels which are accommodating tourists and persons stranded due to lockdown. Services provided by self-employed persons like electricians, IT, repairs, plumbers, motor mechanics, and carpenters. Rural operations such as the construction of highways, irrigation projects, building and industrial projects, rural common service center are all allowed.

Medical Facilities: A revised guidelines circular has to be noticed to all the health services and social centres and will be strictly followed during the crisis. Public utilities will be serviceable without any hindrance, special trauma and COVID-19 camps will be constructed on requirement basis. In short, healthcare services will remain open in its entirety.


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