About Us

The new education paradigm is shifting towards much affordable and easily accessible material, we took the initiative to narrowing down the gap between intelligent and curious individuals. We believe human are born curious. however, the lack of resources and inaccessibility is unable to fill the void. In the fast pacing world, a wide knowledge across domain comes handy in pressure situations. Our goal is to share specialist approach and how to train one’s mind to grasp those skillsets.

Who are we?

Dishasaarthi – ‘Actionable knowledge’ is the one-stop elucidation point to all career-related dilemmas. We are young and energetic team of like minded people offering general awareness to learners. Since the very beginning education played a vital role in nurturing, harnessing and honing personality of the people. The new era of education system is no longer limited to classroom session, online learning is the next calling.
We have just started, still long way to go. We appreciate every possible support from our audience. Before going any further let’s start with the famous quote, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”– Lao Tzu. Enjoy reading!

Our Motto: "Actionable Knowledge"

Our organization believe in actionable learning rather just acquiring theoretical knowledge. We are targeting to simulate the mind of learner towards goal-oriented objectives. Dedication without direction is meaningless just like watching a thousand hours of irrelevant video content without any objection. We ensure the content we deliver will be highly useful for our readers.

What we are offering?

Our audience-centric approach makes sure to touch upon every single viewer’s parameters yet, maintaining the quality and robustness in our content. The following are the categorized services we shall be offering to our audiences. Rest assured, the list will keep on adding up.

Analytical Thinking

The aim is to empower every individual best of analytical and rational understanding. Pointing to their field of interest. Our best effort is to offer exposure to a conventional or unconventional career path. Covering details from extensive corporate affairs to charming travel photography as a career option, we wish to educate learner to discover their inner calling.

Discover More


Our blog post is a collection of insightful dossiers. Particularly suitable for individuals who are freshers or mid-level working professionals. SMEs will find pro-founding case studies for extensive brainstorming sessions. We will try to get people to pen down their experiences, as they say, right from the horse’s mouth.

Current Affairs

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General awareness is a powerful tool, hence our daily news section will keep learners abreast with current affairs. Our news section will cover social, economic and political affairs to streamline learner’s Intellect. However, our focus will be more inclined to offer periodic updates happening in the education sector.

Let's Connect

Dedicated Forum section is specifically designed for social diversion. We acknowledge the level of unfettered competitions in the present era, the aim of the forum is to proffer a soothing yet, information exchange of dialogues among learners. The vision of the organization is to form a community of like-minded people to share ideas, beliefs and idiosyncratic experiences.